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Industrial design school, product design, graphic design and 3D graphic animation.
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The F.D.A. is an industrial design school that offers high quality courses and master courses.


Industrial Design and Product Design
Academic courses: Graphic design  

The industrial design course is offered as one year course, two year course and three year course.

These courses offer the knowledge and experiences that one needs to know to become a competetive product designer.
Every product must have two characteristics: functionality and appearance. The combination of shapes, colors, materials, technology and design will give the object a new dimension.
Our students use high-tech equipment to realize their ideas, just like in professional design-studios:
Professional Workstation, High resolution 24“ Monitor, digital graphics tablet with digital pen.
Some softwares that we teach are:
Autocad, Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX, Rhinoceros 3D and more.
These softwares are used by companies such as BMW, Nokia, Porsche, Boing, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Toyota and Yamaha.
The teachers of our industrial design school offer precious knowledge in traditional and modern industrial design, graphic art, digital design, 3D graphics and 3D animations.
During the course the students will have the opportunity to take part of international industrial design contests. So every student will be able to have a confrontation with theory and real practice. At the end of the course every student will be ready for creating professional product design and animation for industry, TV and printed media.

The courses are taught in english language.
The Italian language course is open for free to students of the design courses of the F.D.A.

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