Fees and Cost of each Year


Academic program:

Enrollment fee: 550 Euro

Tuition fee: 6.950 Euro


Master program:

Enrollment fee: 550 Euro

Tuition fee: 6.950 Euro


Dual Master program:

Enrollment fee: 550 Euro

Tuition fee: 10.950 Euro


Important: the enrollment fee must be paid AFTER  students have sent the enrollment documents and AFTER they have officially been accepted.

Please do NOT send any fee BEFORE acceptance.



Start dates


We offer two independent start dates for each year so that students can decide to start in January or September. The content of the two starts is identical.


  • 9th of September 2019
  • 27th of January 2020
  • 7th of September 2020
  • 25th of January 2021



How to Enroll


Required documents:


1)  The application form that you can find here http://www.florencedesignacademy.com/form.pdf


2)  The copy of your passport (front page and page with the name and nationality). If you don't have a passport at the moment you can send it later. In that case please inform us about when the passport is expected to be issued.


3) Please reply to the "PERSONAL INFORMATION LIST"  that you can find here if you didn't do this before (click here)


Educational qualifications to send:


For academic students (1 year, 2 year or 3 year programs):


  • High school diploma or most recent grades of high school or university (or equivalent)
  • most recent transcripts or marks
  • Students that did finish or are close to finish their studies at their high school, college or university but did not receive their study qualifications because the documents will be issued in the near future,  can send in the mean time the last transcripts/marks and an undersigned auto-certification that informs us that you will send the requested documents as soon you will receive them.


For Master students:


  • Bachelor degree
  • transcripts
  • portfolio (pdf format and not more then 10 megabyte of size)
  • Curriculum vitae that describes your past studies, abilities, professional background (if you have work experience), strengths and reason you want to study at the FDA



It is recommended that you proceed as early as possible to send the requested documents in order to reserve a study place into the course you have chosen to attend since the courses are open to a limited number of students.



How to Send the requested documents


  • Please send the documents as attachment to contact@infofda.com
  • It is preferable that every document is a single PDF file
  • Do not send a link to drop box or similar
  • Do not zip the files with winrar or similar
  • VERY IMPORTANT: send always an ADDITIONAL e-mail without attachments with only the subject:

" - ENROLLMENT DOCUMENTS OF "YOUR NAME" sent by e-mail with attachments- "


With this additional confirmation we will be able to inform you should the attachments not arrive.



When to pay and how to reserve the Study Place


After you will have sent the requested documents you will get a email with the result of the acceptance and confirmation of your enrollment within 3 days. This acceptance means that you are eligible to apply and the we will automatically reserve a study place for you for 10 days so that you can proceed with the payment of the enrollment fee without loosing your study place. The bank coordinates will be sent in the same email of the acceptance communication.


Visa Procedure for Non EU Students


After the enrollment procedure is complete the student will receive by UPS , FEDEX or DHL the original documents for the VISA request.

This documents should be taken to the local Italian consulate/embassy to apply for a Student Visa.

It is recommended to visit the homepage of the local Italian embassy to gather information about VISA process and requirements that they ask for.




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