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Florence enjoys a reasonably vibrant nightlife by Italian standards. Out of places to drink, Rifrullo, Via San Niccolò 55, attracts an affluent young clientele; Dolce Vita, on Piazza del Carmine, is a trendy hangout that also stages small-scale art exhibitions; the nearby Tiratoio, on Piazza de' Nerli, is a large easy-going place, with a couple of video jukeboxes and a wide range of food. In the university district, Video Diva, Via San Zanobi 114, is always packed with students and serves good cocktails. For a quiet drink in a beautifully situated bar, try Fontana on Viale Michelangelo pricey but worth it. Later on, Tenax, Via Pratese 47, is the city's biggest disco and one of its leading venues for new and established bands. Yab Yum, Via de' Sassetti 5r, is a city-centre disco with a vast dance floor and the best of new dance music; and Space Electronic, Via Palazzuolo 37, is the favourite disco of young foreigners, open nightly; but Meccanò, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, is the "in" place to be seen !!!


Central Park
Via Fosso Macinante 2 (055 353 505)

Central Park is an ideal location in the summer when the vast outdoor area, with bamboo and palm trees, comes into its own. Logic, on Thursday nights features some of the best drum'n'bass in Italy. DJ Fabio X mans the decks on Friday nights and spins some decent tunes. There's a great sound system downstairs with a big, fat, dirty bass. There are bars everywhere.
Via della Vigna Vecchia 25r (055 293 006)
Open 11pm-4am Tue-Sat; closed June-Sept. Admission free

Cutting breakbeat and jungle? Crazy happenings? You'll be lucky. Though Full-Up may help you to see local clubs back home in a better light. It has a tiny dance floor with a column slapped bang in the middle, where the Don Giovannis indulge their hips to the pretty lame music. . There's a piano bar and a roulette table.
Viale degli Olmi 1 (055 331 371) Bus 1, 9, 12, 17, 26, 27, C. Open restaurant 9.30-midnight Tue-Sat; club 11pm-6am.

Huge and labyrinthine, Florence's most famous disco is fiercely commercial in its vision and has no qualms about catering to the masses. The music is shopworn commercial stuff. Smart threads are a prerequisite - it's popular with the showcase-your-shopping-spoils set. In summer, the outside forum opens up.
Via Verdi 59r (055 234 7880) Open 10pm-3am Mon-Sat; closed Sun, June-Sept.

Pongo prides itself on being unfashionable. There's no dress code and no slogans; Pongo is happy to provide a temporary home for all those who can't be bothered with mirrors or fashion mores. There's live music most nights; Thursdays showcase up-and-coming Florentine bands. The musical fodder is essentially rock-orientated;
Soulciety Club
Via San Zanobi 114b (055 830 3513) Open 11.30pm-4am Tue-Sun; closed June-Sept.

Away from the madding crowds of the centre, Soulciety is one of Florence nightlife's better-kept secrets. During the week it's not normally busy, giving you the chance to appreciate the phat-rococo décor. Weekends, however, see all forms of firenze life squeeze into this club, yet the atmosphere is akin to a private party. Slabs of funk, hip-hop and soul are served up to the dance floor at the back. Probably the best funk in Florence.
Space Electronic
Via Palazzuolo 37 (055 293 082) Open 10pm-2am daily; w

Much maligned, ever popular. Music and fashion snobs beware: Space is 1970s kitsch and 'ere-we-go, Brit abroad territory. The owners are Brit-friendly . There's karaoke downstairs, in a far corner there's a miniature replica of a pub and in another corner there's a TV with Sky Sports. The upstairs dance floor has a great sound system and an expansive dance floor, though it's a good idea to get trolleyed first to put your critical faculties into abeyance where the tunes are concerned.
Zoom Novantenove
Via delle Oche 19r (055 286 131/0339 469 5402) Open 11am-6am daily; closed June-Aug. Admission free Mon-Thur;

This new and centrally located club has drum'n'bass and hip-hop nights at the weekend. It has three different rooms. While techno thuds out on the ground floor, there'll be tripped-out trance down in the sweaty bowels of the club. Great place:)!