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Student's Gallery: Industrial Design section

Motorcycle design is very complex: aspects like ergonomics and structural organization are very challenging and both must be developed with a perfect synergy. In this case, after sketching and researching about the different solutions, modern softwares assist the designer to create the concept design. Our student has created a real master piece of design.
In this example of our automotive design you can admire how the physiognomy of the S.U.V is gently designed. A car is the most challenging project since it requires the knowledge of manufacturing processes, applied material theory, ergonomics, psychological impact and many other factors, that combined will create a prefect product.

Product design is the ability to transform a functional object into art and the process is interesting and challenging:
1) idea 2) research 3) concept design 4) sketch 5) model
6) manufacturing and material analyzes 7) production

We teach our students to get inspired not only from their own imagination, but to observe the greatest teacher: the nature.
In this example our students had to design a lamp and make the reverse engineering of flowers.

Even a simple electric screwdriver can become perfection..

This is a very interesting concept design of a futuristic furniture. the challenge was to design a table with an additionally function with the knowledge that in the future space in a kitchen will be more expensive and must be saved.

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