Florence Design Academy

Student's Gallery: Interior Design section

The students learn how to design professionally and fulfill the clients needs with careful and accurate planing: in this example the student has combined his knowledge of materials, structural elements, light design and color to create a natural feeling of this tastefully living room. Very interesting is the plaster board wall in the middle that enriches the wall and allows to the spotlights to create an additional depth so that the room seems to be bigger.

Our students are encouraged to play with functional and organic shapes so that at the end the client will see only the beauty of the design, but won't be disturbed by the fundamental structure. The dark element on the floor creates a sense of symmetry. A previous planing with advanced CAD systems allows to the student to design professionally every detail and calculate the costs.

The organization of the space is fundamental in order to achieve the desired effect that the client wishes. Our students learn how to optimize the available space and how to use a compatible color scheme. In this example a monochromatic design calms down the eyes. Spotlights in the ceiling and simple furniture make the design minimalist.

This is an example of a modern living space. The student had designed every detail, starting from an empty room: details are the evidence of professionalism. In this project it was fundamental to organize and plan the space so that both the functional elements and furniture were combined in a tasteful interior design.
Only the deep knowledge of the design elements gives the freedom to transform the imagination into a compete design.

The choice of the right materials is important as the design of the interiors. In Italy you have a huge choice of furniture companies close to Florence that can give you all elements and ideas to fulfill the wishes of the client. Additionally in Tuscany we have one of the most requested natural stones, like the marble of Carrara.

Young design and fresh colors are beneficial elements in a bedroom. The wall is covered with mdf panels that hide deco-lights so that with the use of a dimmer-system the client can decide the mood and character of the room. On the wall a designer radiator gives the idea of a modern sculpture and transforms a technical object into a eye catcher.

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