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Studying a language in its own country is quite different from studying it abroad. The F.D.A goes to great lengths to make use of the opportunities of studying italian language in Italy,Florence and ties in teaching with the integration of students into Italian life and customs.
The lessons of italian language of all levels will be hold in Italian language, so you get easily the habit of the sound and the rhythm of the language; the didactic method based on the inductive and deductive approach. There are two aspects of the lessons, the grammatical part and the communication of the Italian language; they are about themes of culture, of the Italian history and sociality, or any other argument proposed by the students. Our success in this field is due to their professionalism and to the related activities which are organized by the school. The classes concentrate on the spoken italian language that you will encounter in daily life in Italy. The F.D.A method involves active participation in conversations, dialogues, games, and class readings.
The atmosphere at the F.D.A is both friendly and professional and the teachers and administrative staff are always ready to help students in any way.

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