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In the 1500's the rows of small houses on each side of the bridge became home to over 40 goldsmiths practicing traditional Florentine skills. The band, the clip and the nib are engraved to honour Benvenuto Cellini, the most revered Florentine goldsmith whose statue stands at the center of the bridge. This bridge has always been loaded with shops like those now propped over the water . Ponte Vecchio's arts collections includes fountain pen, ball point and roller.

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Above the bridge, a private corridor (Corridio Vasariano) rests over the bridge. This corridor was built by Giorgio Vasari which links the Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti via Uffizi. The corridor can be seen from the Uffizi Galleries as it joins the Plazzo to the bridge. It allowed members of the Medici family to move about between their various residences while adimiring the painting without having to step into the streets and mix with the crowd. At one end of the bridge, there is a Mannelli Tower which was built to protect the bridge. Vasari's private corridor goes around the tower since the Mannelli family stubbornly refused to demolish the Tower to give way to the corridor.