Florence Design Academy

Student's Gallery: Interior Design section

This is an example of Hotel Design where our student has designed one of the rooms. In this case all important elements must be included on an extremely small area, but in the same time it must be still comfortable. The light planing becomes a fundamental part since it will allow to make the room bigger than it is, and the decoration will let you feel at home.

Here an amazing example of the quality that you can reach at the FDA. Our modern methods allow you to transform your ideas into shapes: 1) start of the concept 2) research 3) sketches 4) technical drawings 5) cost analyzes 6) final design

This is a yacht interior design that was made for "San Lorenzo", important Italian company in the field. After a visit to the factory and the exchange of information with the engineers our students have create this tasteful and modern design for this luxurious and gorgeous ships.

In this project our student had a challenging job. He had to design a modern living room, considering the client's needs of a fresh and young style and the use of trendy materials and colors, but with a big attention for the final cost. Small can be beautiful, too.

This is the result of the "Office Project". The request was to create a modern design and fulfill several needs of the client. The student has applied his knowledge of interior design, light design, interior decoration and furniture design.

In this project the company Turri, one of the most famous in Italy for Design, asked our students to re-design some of their classical products: it was a challenge that our students have developed superbly.

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