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Graphic design school, interior design, art school, industrial design and 3D graphic animation.
Welcome to the F.D.A. in Florence, Italy – best choice to study abroad in Italy -

The F.D.A. is an industrial design school that offers high quality courses and master courses.


Three year program of Industrial Design
Academic courses Graphic design  

The three year course of industrial design is a long period program of a extreme high level. Students and professionals that complete all three years of this course will gain a extraordinary cultural background in the field of industrial design and a solid and strong experience. The course includes in the third year the Master level program so that a student will get a Master after the study period will be completed. This puts the student in a very competitive position in the market and allows to this professional figure to start a successful career. A fundamental aspect is that after three years the student will speak fluently the italian language so that also the italian market can be a professional playground for the future business.
The courses are taught in english language.

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Interior design
Industrial design

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